Want maximum fuel efficiency in your vehicle? Turbocharge it! In these times of economic and environmental doubt, many vehicle owners make fuel efficiency a top priority. This is quite easy to achieve - one can use a smaller engine but boost the output with a turbocharger.

Ray Miller has been designing, manufacturing and fitting diesel, petrol and LPG turbocharger systems for 30+ years under the TEC and Turbo Fit brand names. At Turbo Engineering Corporation all our products are Australian owned and designed and they incorporate all Australian content.

Ray's approach is to treat every engine individually. This means you get the maximum benefit from installing a turbocharger. Why settle for anything less than a custom-built model?

One day turn around for most turbo repairs

Pick-up and delivery service for turbo repairs

(Melbourne Metro area)

All TEC turbochargers are:

  • Made for Australian driving conditions. Local demands such as the combination of nickel alloys in the exhaust castings are specific to each application
  • Water-cooled, oil cooled fully floating bearings, or ball bearing units
  • Built with turbine and compressor wheels that deliver boost at idle and above. This translates to having the lowest exhaust emissions versus power available today
  • Consistent with aerospace quality requirements. They have aluminium alloy cast ducting and intake manifolds with long life, high temperature silicone connections, stainless steel braided, Teflon-cored oil and water lines built with exhaust manifolds that incorporate tuned split-pulse design for optimum boost response with minimum back pressure
  • Unlike 2 or 3 piece design manifolds with restrictive juncture areas, Turbo Engineering manifolds are true Hi-Flow with expansion rate built into the design and finishing process

All manifolds are made from a 35% nickel and 5% brass blend with hi-temperature iron mix, just in case of sudden cold quench while crossing water. No need to worry about cracked exhaust manifolds due to sudden temperature change!

Complete replacement Hi-Flow exhaust systems with stainless steel joint expansion bellows are standard.

At TEC installations require 3 days with over 100 vehicle/engine applications available, including 4WD's, cars, trucks, farm equipment and marine applications. See our specialised product range page for the cast manifolds we have in stock.

All our turbo systems carry a 12 months/20,000 km installation warranty with 100,000km turbocharger warranty.

Turbo Repairs


Our turbo repair and service facility can inspect and report, service and repair all of the many turbochargers on the market today. We carry a large range of spare parts for all turbo servicing and repairs from unit's factory standard to highly modified and unusual applications.

Ball bearing turbochargers can be repaired when necessary.

As well as our fully equipped Turbo Reconditioning Room, all machining and repairs are carried out in house with our machine shop of lathes, mills, presses, sand blasting steel and aluminium welding facilities.

Services for Turbocharger Enthusiasts

  • Hi-Flowing your turbo for that extra zing
  • Custom modification to turbine and compressor housings
  • External Wastegate adaptions to turbine housings and exhaust manifolds
  • Specialised cast iron, aluminium and stainless steel adaptions
  • Single Turbo applications of 150 to 1000 horsepower

Our workshop facilities we are able to dyno test for suspected faults, then remove and repair the required parts, with full final dyno testing at completion.

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