4WD Service

What's in a service?

You may have heard the saying "Oils ain't Oils". In the same way, any old 'SERVICE' is definitely not a 'SERVICE'. This is particularly the case when referring to our two major specialities, being "4WD" and "DIESEL".

The further we delve into the world of futuristic high-tech vehicles and engines, the more the old Australian saying "No worries, she'll be right mate" loses its truthfulness in regards to dealing with the modern day, electronically controlled Diesel Turbo 4WD or Van.

As well as the current day electronic engine, we also deal with a range of vehicles that date back to the full mechanical (Pre-Electronic) era. A common occurrence we encounter is clients choosing to do a part of their own maintenance on these vehicles themselves and then consulting us for advice and in most case, the completion of the repair work. It is in these cases, where the importance of our knowledge of the past (as well as our experience and expertise with current day processes) is truly showcased.

Why choose us for your 4WD service?

Here at Turbo Engineering, we take great pride in being specialist experts in a niche part of the Automotive industry. The areas of Diesel and Turbo-particularly in 4WD or recreational vehicles-are ones that we pay great attention to and specialise in. This being our area of expertise enables us to gain and keep the trust of our clients; where we conduct repairs, servicing and check-overs on their vehicles with a great deal of excellence.

Our emphasis on achieving excellence can make a world of difference and you can travel with confidence, wherever your vehicle may take you. We believe services should be conducted every 10,000 kms. We also believe vehicles should be checked and serviced prior to going on trips. We recognise and strictly adhere to the servicing requirements that will ensure prolonged longevity for engines. Such requirements include:

This entails the replacement of the Engine's oil, oil filter and oil pan seal. This ensures a reduced risk of sludge build up in the engine.

The Preventative Fuel Biocides help eliminate the risk of Diesel algae growing in the Vehicle's fuel tank; minimising the risk of further damage to the engine.

Contrary to popular belief and widespread misconceptions, a proper service goes beyond a mere oil and filter change. It is imperative to ensure that all other components of the vehicle are checked and in working order. At Turbo Engineering, we also inspect and check the following areas of the vehicle-to ensure optimum vehicular performance:

  • Condition of suspension and steering points (Grease as required)
  • Condition of engine and transmission mounts
  • Transmission, gearbox, transfer case and differential fluid levels
  • Condition of exhaust, mounts and tail shaft
  • Condition of brake system (Topping of fluid as required)
  • Handbrake (Adjust as required)
  • Wheel bearings (Adjust as required)
  • Air and cabin filters
  • ALL fluid levels
  • Operation of lighting, gauges, seat belts, security and wiper operation
  • Tyre condition and pressure (including the spare)
  • Windscreen wiper blades and fluid (If required)
  • Road testing of vehicle and check on-road operation

As stated, there are many components of a vehicle: ALL of which need regular checking and servicing. Anything short of an actual comprehensive, thorough service on a vehicle is what we recognise at simply UNACCEPTABLE.

There are arguments that with the nature of the modern engine, one can often get away with regularly undertaking a mere basic service. The problem with doing this is that it often results in a more drastic problem that activates the "Engine fault light". At the heart of our emphasis on regular comprehensive servicing is as the age-old saying suggests: Prevention is better than cure. Generally, there are a range of warning signs that vehicle owners should heed before encountering a large scale problems with their vehicle. Some common warning signs include:

  • Unexpected loss of power
  • Regular stalling in traffic
  • Spontaneous irregular stopping

These are not just "symptoms" of a car in need of a thorough comprehensive service, but can potentially place drivers and other motorists in grave danger, if not properly attended to.

In order to achieve the best possible service, the best quality tools are needed for the job. At Turbo Engineering, we also take great pride in our workshop; equipped with the highest quality tools to ensure an optimum level of service is delivered to our clients. These include:

  • 4WD Dynamometer
  • Diesel Fuel Injection and Common Rail testing equipment
  • Turbocharging repair
  • Balance and boost testing

Despite our wealth of knowledge and expertise, we are often faced with the dilemma of clients who are after a cheaper, more cost effective service and check-over. The harsh reality is that QUALITY does come with a cost. That which is cheap does not comply with the standard and quality that we take great pride in and seek to uphold here at Turbo Engineering.

There are three important parts to a quality service:

  • Comprehensive checks
  • Product quality
  • Product knowledge and industry experience

We are well aware of reports and advertisements from companies that boast of their ability to complete a service within an hour. Our standard 4WD service and check over takes approximately three hours-in the case where there is no need for any extra repairs. As mentioned, our services are thorough and comprehensive. Rather than rushing the job and 'pushing the clients out the door', we prefer to carefully examine and conduct a service with a 'fine tooth comb' approach. Although it is time-consuming, within these three hours, there is a great deal of attending to detail.

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