Diesel and EFI Upgrades

Diesel and EFI Upgrades

Diesel ECU upgrades - better economy, better ecology.

ECU upgrade modules work by interacting with the original Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Mapping. They alter the fuel injection and injection timing to get the right match of air, fuel and burn rates best suited to you and your vehicle.

An EFI diesel can be returned to accommodate changes due to age or atmospheric differences. For example, high altitude drivers will often have problems with fuel delivery. Because the factory ECU is limited to its standard mapping, this will cause high smoke emissions, high exhaust temperatures, reduced reliability and increased fuel consumption.

An upgrade is the answer! An upgrade EFI Module is not just a modified chip that creates predetermined changes in performance. It is a unit specifically designed and programmed to assist the original EFI system achieve the best power and economy at all times and under variable conditions.

Electronic Diesels

At Turbo Engineering Corporation we have been involved in computer controlled diesel systems since Caterpillar engines first came on the market in 1980. Ray Miller has gone on to develop his own methods of testing, repairing and modifying PCM and ECU units. Ray's diagnostics include everything from simple fault rectification to power and torque delivery increases (from 30 to 50%).

What does this mean for your vehicle?

  • Increased power
  • Better economy
  • Clean exhaust emissions

Suppose you have a factory GU Patrol with 30" x 16" tyres. If you want to go 4W driving you'll need more axle clearance. Fitting larger diameter tyres will change the on-road gear ratio by at least 10%.

This change in gearing loads the engine so, to retain original drivability, the fuel and timing mapping also have to be altered. On a standard drive train vehicle the difference between one vehicle and another of same build year can be up to 20%.

This variation allows us to design a specific map for each vehicle. With the use of high technology tools such as the 4WD dyno and exhaust smoke measuring device, every vehicle can be set within 1% of another, giving exact results every time. This means no more guesswork with road tests and visual smoke emission analysis, and less chance of getting an EPA report.

Reasons for an ECU upgrade on your diesel

Consider this:

  • The module is transferable between vehicles. If you buy a new diesel you get to keep your investment.
  • Upgrades are versatile. TEC can fit anything from a Japanese import Surf 2.4LTE< 1kddTE turbo diesel through to a TD5 Land Rover.
  • Supplementary tuning modules are available (Dastek, Unichip and Rapid).

These units give instant improvement of 20 to 30% with reliability, original economy or better.

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