4WD Dynotuning

4WD Dynotuning

TEC spells TLC for your vehicle.

To get the best out of any engine all the components need to work together. This means correct engine tuning.

Correct diesel tuning can only be performed with the right knowledge and the best equipment. At TEC, we combine both of these to create the ultimate diesel tune. Our secret? Old-fashioned wisdom plus new school technology.

We use the ear of a master with 30+ years experience. Oh, and a high-tech 4WD dynamometer with state-of-the-art computer interface. Understanding diesel is one thing - tuning them for optimum power and economy is another.

Petrol tuning has high jumped in the past few years from vehicles that can be tuned with little other than a timing light to those that cannot be tuned at all without the extra equipment provided by a computer chip. Once again the trick for getting it right with today's vehicles is to have both the knowledge and equipment to test in the first place. There are still the basics on any vehicle and then there are the high tech requirements!

With the ups and downs of fuel costs many vehicles are still using or being converted to LPG. LPG on most vehicles requires the use of computerised dyno equipment for tuning to get the best out of this inexpensive but low-combustion fuel. All the above fuel types may have either a turbo or supercharger, may have the addition of an upgrade computer chip or any specialised power enhancement and then the use of a dyno, computer etc is no longer a luxury but an absolute essential.

Tuning Processes

  1. The engine is cleaned externally as required so we can access the components without contaminating the fuel system or internal parts.
  2. We connect your vehicle to test equipment which checks:
    • Pump pressure and return flow
    • Injection Timing and Tachometer
    • Smoke emissions
    • Boost Pressure
    • Exhaust Back Pressure
  3. Your vehicle is run on a 2wd or 4wd dynamometer to simulate road conditions and to view a readout of your vehicle's performance prior to tuning. This allows for comparison of the before and after results.
  4. We analyse the data, estimate tuning costs and give you a call to discuss your vehicle condition before work commences.
  5. The technician does valve adjustment, filter changes, injector bench-testing, glow plug testing, and reset of the injector pump timing to the manufacturer's specification. Any shortfalls in automatic advance systems and pressures are rectified as required. We reset turbocharger pressure to original specifications (if required and applicable). Then, the boost/fuel compensator housing is cleaned out and set to the correct specifications.
  6. Your vehicle is run on the dyno again. This gives us an overlapping "after tune" read out to compare the results.
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